Freedom Group LLC

"It starts with the story. It is the crucial foundation that gets the juices flowing. Short or full-length, it does not matter. The "telling" of a story is what makes the difference. Carefully chosen words and beautiful imagery is essential, but it is also about weaving together moments that build emotion and move an audience. An innate sense of creativity, years of dedication to the craft, and collaboration with peers to produce something that goes beyond the call of duty, all drive the "telling" of the story. There is an extreme satisfaction that comes when the time spent focusing on every detail of producing a project results in a smiling face. This is the moment when it becomes clear once again that filmmaking is the only thing you want to do, and this is the only way to work."  - Calvin Kennedy, Creative Services Manager

Through decades of constant innovation and the production of exciting work with great storytelling, Freedom has developed sustaining and enviable relationships throughout the Film and Video industry. These relationships allow Freedom to put together unparalleled professional crews that provide the greatest and most creative value for their dollar. Resumes from our network of professionals are available upon request. 

-Standard Definition Field Videography
-Broadcast HD Field / Studio Production Videography
-Audio Recording, Mixing, Voiceover
-Stock Footage / Music/ 700 CD Royalty Free Library
-Field and Studio Portrait Photography
-Video Editing / Post Production
-Computer Generated Animation / Motion Graphics
-Multimedia Conversion (Analog to Digital Varieties)
-Graphic Design, PowerPoint Slide Deck Production
-Printed Marketing Collateral (Brochures,Fliers)

Freedom Group maintains the largest inventory of 16mm, 35mm Film, and Video Production equipment in Southern Oregon. Our 3-ton grip truck package, comes with all necessary grip, electrical, lighting, and camera packages to support all analog and digital shooting needs from motion picture work to international broadcast documentary filming. Freedom offers custom rental packages that can be specifically designed for use in small features, music videos, corporate projects, commercials and more. Our extensive package inventory can be detailed to fit almost any production request. Given our long-standing relationships in the industry, Freedom can effortlessly manage any sub-rental needs.Click here to download our equipment rental catalog.


  • Providence Hospital
  • Pacific Retirement Services
  • Medford Clinic
  • Lithia Motors
  • Nature's Tears
  • Tire Factory
  • Mitsubishi
  • RoxyAnn Winery
  • Premier West Banks
  • Marketing Resources
  • Disney Studios
  • Seven Feathers
Industrial / Corporate
  • Artbeats Digital Stock Footage
  • Erickson Air-Crane
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • The Joey Purse Corp
  • StrawJet Inc. / Building Sustainable Futures
  • Ohoe Garden Tool LLC
  • Kodak Corp
  • Imation Corp
  • City Of Central Point
  • Crater Lake Trust
  • Rogue Valley Sanitation

Entertainment / Educational
  • Discovery Channel
  • ABC Television
  • American Movie Classics
  • Travel Channel
  • Intervision Inc.
  • Trylobyte Games
  • Digital Circus(Canada)
  • Aftermath Media
  • The Speed Channel
  • Genesis Science Research
  • Vagrant Records
  • Double D Records
  • Oregon Public Television
  • Australian News
  • History Channel
  • National Geographic