Freedom Group LLC

 Dennis Hubbard, General Manager, Business Development

A decorated Air Force medic, Public Radio personality, and former Chair of the Oregon Heavy Lift Helicopter Consortium, Dennis Hubbard brings to Freedom Film and Video 14 years of experience producing multimedia promotional material and coordinating publicity and advertising for Erickson Air-Crane Incorporated, an established and recognized international aerospace firm.  
Skilled in all areas of SD/HD shooting, editing, and DVD authoring, Dennis' most recent high profile work involved co-producing an hour-long documentary for broadcast on National Geographic Channel titled: "Air-Crane; Extreme Helicopter".
His press relations experience includes work with CNN and Fox News a well as numerous other international television and print news agencies. Along with creating content for and managing the web sites for both Erickson Air-Crane and the Oregon Heavy Lift Consortium, Dennis’ social network experience included creating and managing Facebook pages for both organizations as well. “I believe in and have seen first hand the persuasive power and lasting impressions created by professional and focused marketing communication. My comprehensive and coordinated marketing communication program helped bring a revenue-challenged company to international premiere status.  I bring the valuable lessons of that process into every Marketing Communication project in which I participate”.

Calvin Kennedy, Creative Services Manager

Calvin Kennedy is a filmmaker who has traveled the world working on projects, but has called Southern Oregon home for over thirty years.

During the 1980's Calvin worked on several feature films. He studied every aspect of film production, honing his skills with 35-millimeter film and broadcast video. In 1995 he purchased Freedom Productions, acquiring inventory to include a grip and lighting truck, camera packages and non-linear editing suites. From 1998 through 2003, Calvin partnered with Artbeats Inc., an international stock footage company, and shot high-speed explosions, fire, and lifestyles footage that has been used in many major motion pictures.

Calvin was the forerunner in introducing 35mm film quality production to clients and agencies in the Rogue Valley, elevating the quality of local and regional television and corporate media. He has worked for a list of clients that span the national and international market. They include Discovery, Erickson Air-Crane, National Geographic, Disney, 3M/Imation, Pacific Retirement Services, RVMC, Providence Hospital, Bear Creek Corporation, Jackson & Perkins, Crater Lake Trust, The Britt Festival, and many more.

Calvin was on the original board of directors of the Ashland Independent Film Festival. He remained on the board for more than three years, working through this formative period to help determine the direction and focus of the now very successful festival.

In 2004, Calvin was hired by the Federal Government to create a new video for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. The video is based on the Lee Greenwood song “God Bless the USA”, and contains many of Freedom's original video and 35mm film clips. The piece is shown to every new American citizen, and it was the opening video for the 2004 Republican Convention.

Embracing the many exciting changes in the industry, and always motivated to better serve clients from concept to completion, Calvin continues to update Freedom's equipment and keep pace with the digital revolution. With the advent of social media, the possible links for immediate exposure continue to increase and the playing field continues to expand.  "I'm like a kid in a candy store with new technology, but for me it is truly about the ability to tell a story. The format in which we deliver it may change, but at the end of the day, it is all about reaching your audience and provoking thought."

Julie Kennedy, Public Affairs Manager

Julie is a licensed teacher with a graduate education and over 15 years combined experience in broadcast journalism, pr/marcom, public education and theatre. While completing her Bachelor's degree, Julie began working in the broadcast and public relations industries. During her time in television she honed her skills in all aspects of production to include creative conceptual, research, scriptwriting, videography, editing, styling and on-camera presentation.  As other opportunities presented themselves, Julie worked as a public relations and marketing coordinator in the corporate medical arena. Expanding her repertoire, she became responsible for the development of marketing campaigns and strategies, media relations, creating content for print, broadcast and marketing collateral, budget management, and the coordination of special events.     

In the late 1990's, Julie returned to higher education to seek a master's degree in Education. As a K-12 teacher she was able to utilize much of her previous skill set in writing curriculum and developing comprehensive programs in speech, video production and drama. She is a member of the Oregon Speech Association, National Forensic League, and National Thespian Society.

In 2004, while continuing to teach, Julie joined her husband Calvin Kennedy, Founder of Freedom Film and Video to become a co-owner and operator of the business. She has enjoyed Freedom's success with work on projects for a long list of national and internationally recognized clients. 

In recent years Julie has found her true passion in combining her production and education experience to script and produce videos that have educational value, whether they explore history and core subjects, or provide training and demonstration involving a product or service. One of her latest accomplishments is Freedom's delivery of a four-part groundbreaking educational video series on scientific anomalies. She was responsible for scripting and on-camera delivery of 4-hours of educational content. In fulfillment of another current project, Julie also researched and developed a companion-teaching guide to accompany a documentary.

Whether she is writing a script, editing or on-camera spokesperson, Julie is enthusiastic about any role she gets to play in video and film projects. She is honored to be a part of a team that offers high quality media production from start to finish. "I love the challenge and new learning opportunity that working with varied content provides. It is truly rewarding to be able to connect all of the skills you've learned through the years to tell stories that entertain and educate."